Jim Medema, Owner

Surefoot Database Consulting, Inc

3711 Elmo Road, Hopkins, MN  55305



Jim Medema, Surefoot founder, has been developing rock solid, cross-platform database solutions since 1992 and has broad experience in large and small businesses, medical, research, legal, non-profit, real estate, design, education, construction, travel and several other industries. Jim has earned every FileMaker Developer Certification and every FileMaker Authorized Trainer Certification. He is one of about 25 consultants in the world who have “earned them all.”

Jim started the FileMaker Development department at FirstTech Computer in Minneapolis, MN, and made it Minnesota’s first Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance. He also qualified FirstTech as a FileMaker Authorized Training provider as he became one of the first 25 authorized trainers in the world.

Soliant Consulting, one of the largest FileMaker consultancies in the world, tapped Jim to work for them in the mid 2000’s where he worked as a Tech Lead and then Project Manager for their San Mateo, CA, office. He also served as a trainer in the San Mateo and Chicago offices and did custom training for clients around the country. As phenomenal an experience as that was, the life of a “traveling man” took its toll. After 2+ years, many good friendships that continue to this day, and countless reasons to stay, Jim returned to focus his work closer to home and founded Surefoot Database Consulting, Inc. in October of 2009.

Today Surefoot is flourishing and growing as it serves clients in the greater Twin City area and, to a lesser extent, clients in the upper midwest and across the country. In addition to continuing project work and training, Jim is working with and training up a solid group of local, certified developers who share the same values, professionalism and skills. As needed, Surefoot retains additional talent from a talented core of amazing developers from across the United States.

Jim and his wife, Linda, live in in a western suburb of Minneapolis, MN, and have 4 adult children and 3 beautiful grandchildren (yes, he looks waaaay to young to have grandchildren, right?!). In addition to software development, Jim enjoys time with his wife and children, being involved with their church, traveling to Colorado to see family, photography, remodeling, landscaping, a cappella music and much, much more.

One of his favorite places on earth is Winter Park, CO, during any season. Many of the photos on this site are from Rollins Pass (“Corona”) which is at the top of the continental divide just across the valley from Winter Park/Mary Jane ski area. Other images are from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA), Grand Lake (CO), Atlacumulco, Mexico, and from the backyard!


Our database development platform of choice is FileMaker, the award-winning suite of tools used to develop flexible, powerful solutions for rapid deployment on Macs, PCs, iPhone, iPad and the web. FileMaker, Inc (FMI) has been and continues to be a strong company with a solid and well-implemented history of growth. There are over 20 million licenses of FileMaker in the marketplace and that continues to grow. The newest implementation options with FileMaker Go and recent upgrades with FileMaker v13 have further accentuated both sales and adoption of the entire product line.

Depending on the business requirements for each individual client, Surefoot can take advantage of 3rd-party tools and plugins. We also have experience integrating FileMaker with external SQL sources and with accounting packages as well.

To manage our software development projects, Surefoot employs a variety of other online and desktop tools for project documentation, task management, design and customer support.


FileMaker Certified Developer

FileMaker Authorized Trainer

and Memberships

Every developer who works with Surefoot has at least one FileMaker Developer Certification, though most have two or more. As a company we are interested in only hiring the best and in training up junior developers to become the best. Everyone on the Surefoot team has deep areas of expertise and experience that we readily bring to bear as we serve and support our clients. We invest in training and growing even our sub-contractors to ensure outstanding outcomes.

Because we believe in the FileMaker platform, we are proud members of the FileMaker Business Alliance, a collection of dedicated consultants around the world who are committed to supporting and growing the usage of the entire FileMaker product line.

Processes and Methodologies

Though a certification can prove one’s knowledge of how to make FileMaker software “do stuff”, it does not guarantee an excellent outcome on your software project. An excellent outcome is the result of excellent business analysis, thorough documentation and project management, excellence in design and workflow, rock solid development (of course!), and a solid implementation plan. This is where Surefoot flourishes. Our processes and procedures have been finely tuned from the experience earned through literally hundreds of projects over the last 20 years as we served clients of all sizes and industries.

Surefoot’s code follows strict development standards. We’d be happy to show you what good code looks like, what makes it good, and tell you why it should matter to YOU today and many years from now.