rock solid consulting, development, instruction

When the foundation of your business relies on information,
you need more than rookie developers or a mishmash of off-the-shelf applications.
You want more than just “Git ‘er done!”
You want a better way.
You need a solid path – a trusted solution,
and the experience of a Surefoot to get you there.

Organizations Impacted by Surefoot developers
Client Productivity Improvements (in Hours)
Hours Teaching, Training and Coaching
Cups of Coffee
(and we’re not kidding)

Yes, we have worked with large organizations.
But most Surefoot clients are
small-to-medium sized workgroups and businesses.

Whether a department or workgroup within in a large organization, or an independent business,
most of Surefoot solutions are deployed to between 5 and 200 users.

award-winning FileMaker platform

Our database development platform of choice is FileMaker, the award-winning suite of tools used to develop flexible, powerful solutions for rapid deployment on Macs, PCs, iPhone, iPad and the web. FileMaker is a subsidiary of Apple Computer and has been and continues to be a strong company with a solid and well-documented history of steady growth. As of 2014 there were over 20 million licenses of FileMaker in the marketplace.

Because we believe in the FileMaker platform, we are proud members of the FileMaker Business Alliance, a collection of dedicated consultants around the world who are committed to the FileMaker platform.

Every developer who works with Surefoot has at least one FileMaker Developer Certification, though most have two or more. As a company we are interested in only hiring the best and in training up junior developers to become the best. Everyone on the Surefoot team has deep areas of expertise and experience that we readily bring to bear as we serve and support our clients. We invest our time and money in training and growing even our sub-contractors to ensure outstanding outcomes.

people are talking

We get to work with some of the coolest clients who are creating amazing products and providing awesome services.
We brag on them, they brag on us – it goes back and forth.
Here’s what some of them are saying…

“I started in ’89 and this solution is the most positive thing
that’s happened the entire time I’ve been here.”

— BK, Project Manager in construction industry
“We have cross-trained our entire staff and increased our productivity the equivalent of 3.5 FTE’s. Our productivity is up without increasing staff and we are saving $4,000 in annual paper and postal costs! One of our critical employees took her first “real” vacations in over a decade because we could actually survive a few weeks without her!”
DM, Company President
“We work in a fast-paced, competitive industry. It isn’t a coincidence that our investment of $40,000 in a custom solution has allowed us to outperform our competitors 4x over, train new staff in 1/3 the time and go home each night with a clean desk! Much of our most tedious work has been reduced to a few clicks – Boom! Done!”
CW, Company Owner
“We had been using FileMaker for years already. But by the time Surefoot was done, we had moved from playing with crayons to a masterpiece of acrylics. Information that was disconnected and incomplete is now centralized and cross-referenced.”
FJ, Executive Director

“It’s working and they’re using it and asking for fine-tuning kinds of things and wanting to know more and more and they are ooh-ing and ahhh-ing over it! In fact, my big boss, who rarely says much positive sent this to me this morning: “Wow, this new system rocks! It is actually intuitive. I love the way the project works.”

— KS, FileMaker training attendee/participant in Surefoot mentorship program