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Surefoot specializes in the design and development of custom FileMaker database solutions for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and the Web. The years of development work and the breadth of industry experiences we bring to the table ensure that you are getting both a consultant and a developer in one. Hire a consultant who doesn’t know software development and they’re likely to be all hat and no cattle. Hire a code slinger and you may find just the opposite.

Surefoot also provides a full menu of FileMaker Training options throughout the year that include curriculum-driven classroom instruction, workshops, custom training and coaching.



98% of our clients have never designed a software solution.That’s why we share the best ideas and processes from our previous work to skillfully guide and craft design plans to create a better solution than our clients could conceive on their own. It’s what Surefoot brings to the table, and it’s what makes us consultants, not just developers.



We love good design – a lot. Junkies, to tell the truth. There’s something intoxicating about good design and good engineering and whether it’s under the hood or in the user interface, we strive for excellence, clarity, and structure. Take a deep breath. Ahhhh.



Certified Developers. Constant learning. Constant Study. That’s us. Our developers achieve that careful balance of being “real people” who can hold a “real conversation” with normal people – like you – who don’t know (or care) a lick about code, technical specs and the like. Oh, the other part of us? Take your pick from geek, dork, code monkey…but please, be kind.



Many software developers say “we offer training” to win potential clients, but very few have ever written curriculum, fewer have been trained as teachers, and fewer still actually offer classes on a regular basis. Surefoot? Check. Check. Aaaaand Check. We have been teaching and coaching since 1990. Sign up for a class or a coaching session and you will understand.

how we work (process):

Closing your eyes and hoping that something good will happen is fine on Christmas morning, but it’s not the way to run a successful business. Surefoot likes to keep both eyes open and we thought you would too, which is why we want you have a clear picture and clear expectations about what lies ahead. To that end, below you will find the three primary ways we undertake our work. Give us a call, we’ll fill you in on all the details.

estimates that include, well, everything.

For 95% of our clients, the investment they make in a custom solution is one of the most significant investments they’ll make for their business and one that will impact them for years to come. These decisions don’t come quickly – and they shouldn’t. As partners in your success, we’ll show you our estimate. No, not just the summarized totals but the actual numbers, in detail. Heck, we’ll even give you the spreadsheets!

Foolish? We don’t think so. The way we look at it, our clients need to trust us and the work we do. And it is our responsibility to provide the information they need to make the most informed decisions they can for their business.